Women's Football

CIFL Women's League

Here you can find all of our previous and current tournaments of the Women's League. Click on the tournament you are looking for and you will find a list of divisions, league tables, match schedules and results. You can also check the top goal scorers of the tournament and see who was voted MVP.

CIFL 7-a-side Women's League Autumn 2021new

timg_1.png8AILk-itvD8 awake foundation


September 14th - November 9th

Ling Miao Park

CIFL 7-a-side Women's League Spring 2021

timg_1.png8AILk-itvD8 awake foundation


March 9th - May 25th

Ling Miao Park

CIFL 7-a-side Women's League Autumn 2020



November 17th - December 8th

Hong Ling Jin Park (红领巾公园北门)

China, Beijing, Yao Jia Yuan North street "Running Park"